Four facts about Insulin and What it Means for You on LCHF

One of the key reason why LCHF is so effective for fat loss and improving diabetes bloods is because of what it does to insulin levels.

Less sugar in the blood for eating less carbohydrate foods leads to lower insulin levels. Too much sugar in the blood and too much insulin can lead to problems.  Read our top three fact about insulin and what it means when eating LCHF.


1. It’s Natural

Insulin is naturally made in the body. It’s made by an important organ called the pancreas. Without insulin we would get very sick.


2. Lowers high blood sugar

Insulin is a hormone which acts as a messenger in the body. It’s tells our muscles and fat to store sugar from the blood for energy. Insulin works to lower high blood sugar levels.


3. More insulin, insulin resistance

There are many different factors which can increase insulin levels and make it not work so well. These are some things which contribute to insulin resistance.

  • Eating high carbs
  • Eating high sugar
  • Getting older
  • Getting fatter
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Stress
  • Not enough sleep
  • Not enough sunlight
  • Not enough exercise
  • Family history of obesity or diabetes

It’s usually not just one factor, a combination of a few of the factors that can lead to insulin resistance.


4. Insulin problems

Insulin resistance causes health problems. When insulin doesn’t work so well, sugar stays in the blood for longer. Insulin resistance make us more hungry and makes it difficult to lose weight.

When we eat less carbs on LCHF there is less sugar in the blood. Less sugar in the blood means less insulin and less fat storage. The result is better bloods, diabetes control, and weight loss.