4 Foods to Build Your LCHF Kitchen

If you want to make LCHF work for you long term, it needs to be DEAD EASY. This is why being organised is essential for setting yourself up for success. One place to start is by loading up your kitchen with LCHF choices and clearing out the junk. Here are some key items we like to always have on hand in our LCHF kitchen.


  1. The Fat

Having healthy fats on hand such as olive oil, butter, or coconut oil are perfect for completing meals. Using fat in cooking or adding to vegetables makes these meals more filling and help keep carb cravings at bay. Include enough fat to keep you feeling satiated until the next meal.


  1. Canned Protein

We love keeping a few cans of sardines, tuna, salmon, or mackerel in spring water or olive oil as convenient protein choices. Tinned fish is an excellent affordable way to get your omega 3 fats which are anti-inflammatory and great for healthy joints.  Throw some canned fish into some leftover vegetables or a salad to make a simple and easy meal.


  1. The Green Stuff

A good golden rule is to always have something green and leafy stocked in your kitchen. Dark green leafy vegetables are just so good for us and provide lots of nutrients for making us feel awesome. Both fresh and frozen count. Frozen spinach is great because it keeps fresh and is super convenient to add to most cooked meals.


  1. Iodised Salt

Add salt! Especially when first dropping the carbs. Salt helps with keeping symptoms of carb withdrawal at bay. Naturally, when we eat fewer process carbs, we drop or salt intake. Adding salt to meals helps to ensure we’re meeting these needs. Iodised salt is also important for providing your daily iodine needs.


There you have it – four items to stock up. Obviously, everyone’s cooking and meal habits are very personal, but the bottom line here is just about getting organised with a few basics you can have on hand for building healthy meals – Especially for those times when you just don’t feel like it (we all get those!).