What is LCHF?

The Low Carb, Healthy fat lifestyle is about choosing
minimally processed whole foods for lifelong health

Top 4 points about healthy eating the LCHF way



Say no to most food which comes in a packet
Cook using whole natural foods
Choose food your ancestors would recognise
Choose food as it grows on land and in sea


Choose less Carbs

Carbohydrates are any foods that turn into sugar in the blood.
Most sweet and starchy foods are high in carbohydrates
Too much carbohydrate turns into too much sugar in the blood
Eat less carbohydrate to reduce sugar in the blood
Eat less carbs to reduce insulin.
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Choose your healthy Fat

Healthy fat is important for body functions
It stops us feeling hungry between meals
Healthy fats contain good nutrients
Choose some healthy fat in each meal.


Choose your protein

LCHF isn’t high protein.
At each meal, choose your meat, fish, eggs, or chicken portion roughly size and thickness of your palm.
Check out examples of your new plate on the blog and recipe page.

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