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4 Foods to Build Your LCHF Kitchen

If you want to make LCHF work for you long term, it needs to be DEAD EASY. This is why being organised is essential for setting yourself up for success. One place to start is by loading up your kitchen with LCHF choices and clearing out the junk. Here are some key items we like ... read more.

What to expect when you first make the leap into LCHF

We’ve got a lot of awesome things to say about LCHF, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s smooth sailing from the very beginning. You will almost defiantly encounter a few bumps along the road, so we want to make sure you know for the most part this is totally normal. If it were easy, everyone ... read more.

Four facts about Insulin and What it Means for You on LCHF

One of the key reason why LCHF is so effective for fat loss and improving diabetes bloods is because of what it does to insulin levels. Less sugar in the blood for eating less carbohydrate foods leads to lower insulin levels. Too much sugar in the blood and too much insulin can lead to problems.  ... read more.